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I use the following analytical techniques:
OES Manufacturer/ type:
XRF Manufacturer/ type:
ICP Manufacturer/ type:
AAS Manufacturer/ type:
Combustion Manufacturer/ type:
Other Manufacturer/ type:
I like to be informed on the following reference materials:
Cast Iron - solid samples
Steel - solid samples
Aluminium - solid samples
other NF-metals - solid samples
Metal chippings
ICP/AAS solutions
Combustion samples
Mineral/ metallurg./ environmental samples
Coal/ coke
Oils/ fuels/ reagents

Other reference samples:

I like to be informed on sample preparation for OES:
Metal grinding machines
Metal milling machine
I like to be informed on sample preparation for XRF:
Swing mills
Hydraulic presses
Die sets
Fusion machines
Binders/ grinding agents
Cups/thin films
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