Databank Research for available Reference Samples (>15 000 International Samples)

'PROFIX' is a databank research programme developed to search for CRMs, RMs and SUS-samples within pre-selected element- or compound ranges for a given material matrix. This programme allows to search for up to 8 concentration ranges from ppb to 100% simultaneously. The search result supplies the certified concentration within the pre-selected ranges and shows all other certified and non-certified concentrations in alphabetical order. The programme furthermore shows source and price of available international reference materials. It was designed especially for BREITLÄNDER, allowing a quick survey on availability of any reference material within the range of all catalogue listed samples, facilitating manual search and covering multiple elemental combination patterns.

If you want to know whether there exists a standard for the particular material you have to analyse, please give us the elemental concentration range and we will let you know whether such a standard exists on the market.