Production of Custom Made Petrochemical Standards

Besides our wide range of ready made oils and fuel standards we offer to have your special blend or your special single element standard manufactured to your requirements. We co-operate only with experienced special producers of oil reference materials. Thus your standard comes with the same internationally acceptable certificate stating analytical method, uncertainty and traceability to a primary reference material, like an NIST-SRM.

The preparation of such a special standard pays off right away when several single element standards can be replaced by one specific multi element standard. It pays off not only in money, but in your operational time, too. Check it out, let us have your requirement, we will let you have a quotation. Delivery time is 1 to 3 weeks after receipt of order, depending on complexity of sample. With novel custom made standards the regular shelf life of 18 months cannot seriously be guaranteed; should some segregation occur shortly after supply (half a year) we offer to redo or modify the standard and run a stabilization test to meet your requirements.

We supply multi-national oil companies with such custom made standards, however custom made compositions are not published in our documentations, they are considered customer proprietory.

Information on special reference materials for petrochemical analysis:

If you are working as per DIN, EN or ISO-methods with internal standards we can supply you with Zr-octoate, Bi-octoate and Sn-octoate in bigger volume containers of 1l or 2.5l at an attractive price, right from stock.

You find a selection of calibration standards for some common DIN-methods including quality control standards (QC), drift control standards (DC) and internal standards where applicable under AC Oil Standards as per DIN.

We have produced special XRF glass monitor standards for petrochemical analysis e.g. for wear metal and sulphur analysis. In our catalogue on Monitor-Samples for XRF you find some typical compositions e.g. BR DEA1, BR DEA2, BR DSH1, BR DSH2, BR U4/2 and BR LOE2. We can also manufacture such XRF-monitor standards for your analytical programme; see Manufacture of Silicate Glasses.