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Fusion - Borate Flux


SPECFLUX-borate fluxes for XRF and ICP/AAS - prefused qualities

Borate fluxes differ with regard to composition, purity, granulometry, density, water content, additives etc - influencing your analytical results.

The borate fluxes, under the trade mark of SPECFLUX, are specified in their properties, they are all pre-fused products of high density and low water content. Each batch is supplied with a specification stating its purity and further parameters. Today the classical powdered fluxes (low bulk density, foaming tendency) are more and more replaced by granular type of fluxes, either as a special sieving of broken grains with a certain part of fine particles or of spherical granules with a narrow granulometry.

We are offering both type of materials, depending on customer preference: the spherically granulated material (e.g. BR A600), practically without dust, is easy for weighing and handling, most interesting for automated systems, has a high bulk density and very good fluidity. The broken granulated materials (e.g. BR A100 or BR A1222) are sieved over a wider range of grain size and preferred by many analysts, especially because of its better properties for mixing and non-separation with more fine powdered sample material and because of its ultra pure quality.

We offer you samples for your own testing and we can supply you material from a single batch up to a quantity of 500kg. Standard qualities like pure di-lithiumtetraborate (e.g. BR A100 and BR A600) or eutectic, lower melting mixtures of meta/tetraborate (e.g. BR A1222) are supplied prompt from stock, special mixtures and doped materials can be delivered shortly. Let us have your quantity requirements, we like to give you a sample and a quote; materials come in 1kg sealed PE-bottles, no packing charges.

Below mentioned are common type of borate fusion fluxes - specification data sheets on request:

SPECFLUX A600 100% di-Lithiumtetraborate - spherical, crystalloid, granulated, 920C
SPECFLUX A100 100% di-Lithiumtetraborate - broken granulated, 920C
SPECFLUX A120 66% di-Lithiumtetra-/34% Lithiummetaborate - broken granulated, 875C
SPECFLUX A1222 35.3% di-Lithiumtetra-/64.7% Lithiummetaborate - broken gran., eutectic, 825C
SPECFLUX A175 75% di-Lithiumtetra-/21.5% Lanthanoxide/3.5% boric acid - with heavy absorber

Platinum ware

The autofluxer® fusion machine takes standard Pt-ware of alloy 95/5% Pt/Au, System Schoeps, which is used on the original Schoeps fusion machines as well as on machines of type HD-VAA, HD-Vulcan.

We supply Pt ware of highest quality - 'Made in Germany' - all current articles from stock at daily set prices as per London metal exchange. Prices are calculated on fluctuating noble metal prices and manufacturing costs. We purchase your old Pt ware and counterbalance with your new material.

You can have special dispersion hardened Pt-crucibles, with prolonged life time in high temperature applications of up to 1700C, showing excellent corrosion resistance and lower re-crystallization properties.

We offer 3 standard types of crucibles with dimensions: upper 34mm, lower 20mm, height 38mm, bottom wall thickness 0,5mm and 0,3-0,34mm with crucible type TG1.

Crucible without enforcement rings, weight approx. 25g
Crucible with enforcement ring at holding pins, approx. weight 42g
Crucible with double enforcement rings at pins and rim, approx. weight 45 g

We recommend crucible AFX-TG3 because of its robustness and life time. (picture)

Pictures and drawings show crucible AFX-TG3 with 2 enforcement rings and mould AFX-KK41 for 40mm beads.

We offer 3 standard types of moulds with a depth of 3mm (max. thickness of bead) and a wall thickness of 0,8mm; crucibles with wall thickness of 1mm available, can be used on the autofluxer®.

Tapered moulds for beads 29/31mm , weight approx. 29g
Tapered moulds for beads 32/34mm , weight approx. 31g
Tapered moulds for beads 39/41mm , weight approx. 46g