Sample Preparation

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Pressing - Pelletizing

For pelletizing powder samples we supply various high precision, evacuable die sets (press tools) made from hardened stainless steel with 2 mirror polished press plates and an extraction tool. These dies can also be loaded with tungsten carbide (WC) press plates, recommended for very abrasive sample material. Stainless steel die sets are available for 32, 35, 40 and 45mm diameter pellets.

Furthermore we offer a simple and economic die set made from hardened tool steel with 1 polished press plate and an extraction tool in size 32 and 40mm.

For grinding and pressing of the sample material we offer various grinding- and pressing additives in form of powders and tablets. Briquetting of the samples is most commonly done in tapered aluminium or plastic pellet cups, giving more strength and protection to the powder pressed pellet and allowing marking of the sample. Most common are 40mm Al-cups, we supply 2 types with different filling height. Please ask for a test sample.

Art.-No. Accessory for presses and pellet production

Die sets

Die set, stainless steel, hardened, 2 polished press plates, evacuable, knock out tool
CH 4030
CH 4038
CH 4040
CH 4047
polished press plates available of stainless steel and tungsten carbide
Die set, tool steel, hardened, 4 polished press plates, funnel, knock out tool in plastic tool carrier
polished press plates of tool steel available on request

Compressable sample cups aluminium + plastic

tapered, for improved stability, handling and labelling
CH 505
CH 535
CH 545
CH 547
BL 40
CH 552
CH 553
CH 554
32mm aluminium cups, height 7.6mm, packing unit 1000 pieces
35mm aluminium cups, height 8.9mm, packing unit 600 pieces
40mm aluminium cups, height 9.1mm, packing unit 600 pieces
45mm aluminium cups, height 9.1mm, packing unit 500 pieces
40mm aluminium cups, height 11.7mm, packing unit 1000 pieces
32mm plastic cups, height 6.4mm, packing unit 500 pieces
35mm plastic cups, height 6.4mm, packing unit 500 pieces
30mm plastic cups, height 6.4mm, packing unit 500 pieces

Grinding and pressing additives

BR HWC PE-mikro powder (Hoechstwachs C), packing unit 1kg
CH 600 X-Ray Mix, powder, 454g-btl., briquetting additive, plasticizing
CH 625 X-Ray Mix, 0,25g-tabl., 500 tabl./btl., briquetting additive, plasticizing
CH 650 X-Ray Mix, 0,5g-tabl., 500 tabl./btl., briquetting additive, plasticizing
CH 660 SpectroBlend, 44μm Pulver, 454g-btl., grinding additive preventing caking, slightly plasticizing
CH 9000 SpectroMix, Pulver, 454g-btl., combines the properties of SpectroBlend and X-Ray Mix
CH 750 Boric acid tablets, 0,5g, packing unit 1000 tabl./btl., pallets to prevent caking
BR SPECTAB Grinding and pressing additive, 0.3g-tabl., smallest packing unit 1000 tabl./btl. cellulose basis, bonding properties