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Moulds for Iron and Non-Ferrous Metal Samples

Casting of your own samples for spectrometric analysis requires different moulds, depending on alloy type and further handling. There are different moulds that have been tested under practical working conditions. Our product range comprises one special mould for cast iron, a modification for pig iron samples releasing robot compatible samples and a number of various classical copper moulds for different metals.

Special Mould for Grey and Nodular Cast Iron CAST-150
Mould with 45║ casting angle in combined steel/copper construction

Mould CAST-150, opened for sample release and closed for casting

Special Mould for Pig Iron CAST-150/RE

This special mould, intended for casting pig iron samples directly after the blast furnace, is made completely from copper. Pig iron coming from the blast furnace is hotter than regular cast iron, this mould enables rapid cooling for white structure and avoids semi-welding of sample at the regular steel mould form. The big handle is support for the casting ladle and the robust construction is designed to be fixed on a solid steel beam for protection in rough working environment. The sample dimension is: 34mm diameter with side wall 10 mm high for robot grip tongs.

Copper moulds for casting various metal samples

Mould 104-80

For samples with little precipitation volume of iron-, nickel- and cobalt base.

Samples are cut 15mm from bottom and grinded for analytical surface.

Sample dimension: 75 x 32-45 mm ě

Mould 102-76

For samples with little precipitation volume of iron-, nickel, cobalt base and pure metals. No cutting necessary.

Samples are grinded, milled or lathed from bottom.

Sample dimension: 20 x 40 mm

Mould 002-76

Samples are prepared for analytical surface from the side, either grinded, milled or lathed.

Sample dimension: 20 x 40 x 40 mm

Mould 101-76

For pig iron and cast iron with asymmetrical feeder. The feeder is cut off and the sample surface prepared from the bottom by use of a swing grinder.

Sample dimension: 4 x 40 mm ě

Kokille 105-80

For cast iron with special high carbon equivalent as per pin sample method.

Sample dimension: 40 x 6 mm ě

Mould 103-76

For samples with high precipitation volume and tendency for segregation, non-ferrous-alloys.

The feeder is cut off and the sample surfaced by milling or grinding from the bottom.

Sample dimension: 6 x 45 mm ě

Mould 106-80

Mould tongs for cast iron samples, copper insert moulds available as spare parts.

Sample dimension: 4 x 36 mm ě

Special custom made mould modifications as per drawing or specimen on request.