Sample Preparation

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Metal analysis

The below described machines are manual and semi-automatic machines for OES- and XRF sample preparation of solid metal samples. We supply machines, accessory and consumables from stock and we offer gripping tools for customer specific samples on request.

The following documents can be downloaded as PDF-files. The required Adobe Acrobat-Reader is internet available here.

HK200 – Disc grinder, desktop machineVideo    PDF
HK210 – Disc grinder, desktop machine for spectrometry/metalographyPDF
HK350 – Disc grinder, floor standing machineVideo    PDF
HK150 – Pendulum stone grinder, desktop machinePDF
HK150EXS – Pendulum stone grinder, floor standing machineVideo    PDF
HK81F – Milling machine for NF-metals, desktop machineVideo    PDF